D A Y D R E A M • P R O J E C T…

Front-End Developer, Full Stack Developer and UX Designer based out of San Rafael, CA. 10+ years’ experience developing and designing web spaces. Favorite MeetUps are Women Who Code and HTML5. Hobbies include sailing, yoga and black cat appreciation. I also made this, Center Flee, for Maker Faire.

What began as my NYU Master’s thesis, the Daydream Project is now home to my portfolio of professional work. I still include the manifesto from my thesis for perspective and persistence.

My ITP Thesis Project was a mobile (J2ME) application that downloaded and played a video from the web. As part of the research, I began looking at the aesthetics of media distribution and user created submissions. In 2005, the term social media hadn’t been coined, YouTube was investor owned, and cellphones had just reached 100% market penetration. My D A Y D R E A M • M A N I F E S T O speaks about video aesthetics in 2005 by comparing it to the film and photography revolution a century before.