Rogan NYC

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2007 – 2009: The ROGAN site was presented to me as a re-design. We wanted to use some of the site’s existing architecture and integrate the newer web aesthetic. I worked closely with the Sales, PR and Design staff to create a concise web presence for the clothing company. The clothing labels, signage and font are all right justified. The design adhered to that theme with a right aligned top and side navigation. 

For the collection, press and projects sections, I created a DHTML image viewer where the user could scroll through the 40+ images as if flipping through a book. I wanted to maintain the same design aesthetic for the video player so I created custom buttons for the flash playback instead of using the flash video skins.


Designer / Developer / Owner – Daydream Project

Tech Stack:

CMS: None

Technology: User Interface Design, DHTML, CSS, HTML and Flash Video